5 Reasons to hire a Social Media Manager

5 Reasons to hire a Social Media Manager

In today’s world, it can be incredibly easy for your brand to get lost in amongst other brands; especially those who expand their reach to digital platforms. Our world is continuously expanding at a rapid pace into spheres that previously never existed, and we can understand that it may be hard to keep up. Now more than ever, consumers are more likely to search for information about products, brands and information online and to read and trust online opinions and reviews than any other medium. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ allow consumers to interact, and share and express their opinions and experiences about brands. Being part of these social platforms therefore allows you and your brand to position yourself amongst these consumers and to build a lasting and firm relationship with them.

Here are 5 reasons why hiring a social media manager can help your brand.

  • Post creation

A social media manager will have the know-how to create specific posts for your specific platform that will catch attention and result in consumers responding to your page. Having a social media platform means nothing if your posts are not engaging and valuable to your consumers. Offering valuable posts and information will contribute to building a relationship with consumers that will last.

  • Traffic increase

Certain social media platforms have altered their algorithms which results in less of your audience being exposed to your posts. A social media manger can help increase the traffic to your posts, social media page and websites, as well as provide measurable results as to how many consumers have responded to your content.

  • Building your brand

Because today’s digital world means more consumers are expressing their opinions and experiences online, the need to respond quickly and efficiently has grown largely. In many cases, consumers will further judge a brand by their delayed or lack of response, resulting in a worse view of said brand. Hiring a social media manager means your brand has someone constantly checking for complaints, compliments, and questions, and can then respond quickly. It’s been proven that a consumer’s bad experience can be changed to a good one simply by a quick response from a brand. Responding to comments also means having a sort of conversation with your audience and therefore building a relationship.

  • Exposing your brand

Targeted marketing on social media platforms means that brands can now reach consumers that they wouldn’t normally reach. Cape Town brands can now target consumers in other cities resulting in a visit to that brand when those consumers visit Cape Town. A social media manager can help target consumers that will benefit from your brand that might not have previously been reached and will therefore help expose your brand and build it.

  • Stress-free management

Because social media is a medium that essentially never sleeps, it can be time consuming. When traditional businesses close for weekends or public holidays, social media carries on. This means consumers are checking in, liking, retweeting and Instagraming regardless of whether or not your brand is closed. Having a social media manager means your brand has someone taking care of your online presence even when you can’t. This takes the stress off your hands so that you can concentrate on the other aspects of running your business. A good online brand requires a solid presence and hiring a social media manager makes this happen.

If you’re still unsure as to whether or not your brand needs a social media manager, contact us at Sweet Lemon Communications – we’d love to chat to you about your needs and how we can help your brand.